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Pulse Oximeter

Model: APPO02
KEY FEATURES - Finger Pulse Oximeter Strong Anti-Interference,    Low Perfusion Of ≤0.3%. Low Power Consumption, Alarm Function,Auto Switch-Off Function.   ACCURATE AND STABILITY - Hospital Experiment Shows That The PRO-F9 Has a Good Precision And Stability Of Indu..
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Model: APEC04
 Get Vital Health Signal Anytime & Anywhere 1 x Checkme Lite = 1 x ECG Monitor + 1 x Pulse Oximeter + 1 x Systolic BP Monitor  What can Checkme Lite do to help you?Viatom Checkme Lite is a tiny vital signs monitor with HD touch screen to check your health in the palm wit..
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Model: APPO03
What makes O2Ring different? 1>  O2Ring has the lghtest, smallest, and the most comfortable ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring, which is durable and adapted to most fingers. 2>  Built-in vibrator of O2Ring will vibrate and not..
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Model: APPO01
Best gift for partner:1> Easy and Comfortable: Just wear it on your finger and open the APP, it will capture the snoring and remind you with vibration alarm. The vibration strength and threshold are adjustable to fit you best.​2> Smart APP for iOS: (Android app is not supported)The a..
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Model: APPO05
Want to breath more and sleep better?   1> FDA listed SleepU is compact and lipstick-sized, simply wear it on your wrist for a full night, it records your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movement every second continuously.   2> Unlike..
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Model: APPO07
  Real-time Audio Alarm for Low Oxygen Level in Your Phone and Device!     1> Just wear the FDA listed Wellue® Oxylink™, it will monitor your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, body motion and perfusion index(PI) every second.    2> When hypoxia event is detected, the Wellue® Oxy..
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