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Model: APBP11
 Why AirBP STD ?   1>   The smallest and lightest BP meter/tonometer:  AirBP STD is only 5.6 oz (160g) in total which is lighter than iPhone X, with its ultra portable size you can take it anywhere and measure blood pressure anytime. &nb..
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Model: APPO02
KEY FEATURES - Finger Pulse Oximeter Strong Anti-Interference,    Low Perfusion Of ≤0.3%. Low Power Consumption, Alarm Function,Auto Switch-Off Function.   ACCURATE AND STABILITY - Hospital Experiment Shows That The PRO-F9 Has a Good Precision And Stability Of Indu..
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Model: APFD07
Want to hear your baby‘s heart before you meet? 1> When you are expecting a baby, the mobile APP records every priceless milestone from the 12th week till the due date.   2> All the historical data including baby’s heartbeat rate, heartbeat sounds, baby kicks, an..
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Model: APVS01
Standard parameters:SpO2, PR, NIBP, ECG, RESP, TEMPOptional extension parameters:ETCO2Optional configuration:Built-in recorder/monitor the cart or wall rack Features: 8 inch high-resolution color screen. Exquisite design, suitable for moving operation.  Various interfaces: standa..
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Model: APFD01
Track Your Heart Throughout Your Training! 1> Designed for sports, specially for your training demands 2> Vibration HR Alert:  Notify when heart rate is above the preset value 3> ANT+ Connectivity:  Work with compatible training devices/equipment ..
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CMS6000 6-Parameters ICU Vital Signs Monitor ECG NIBP SPO2 PR Patient Monitor CMS6000 6-Parameters ICU Vital Signs Monitor ECG NIBP SPO2 PR Patient Monitor
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Model: APVS02
CMS6000 features in high cost-performance, high safety and low power consumption. To ensure monitoring quality and reduce operation risk, it adopts full-isolation(floating), ECG defibrillation-proof protection, ECG anti-high frequency surgical unit and NIBP dual-overpressure protection. Main Fe..
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Model: APTH02
Features: The non-contact human body infrared thermometer is designed to measure a person's body temperature, and the ambient temperature does not affect the measurement. Due to skin type and skin thickness, there may be a temperature difference. When the interior temperature is clearly differ..
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Digital Medical Baby Infrared Forehead Thermometer Digital Medical Baby Infrared Forehead Thermometer
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Model: APTH12
Feature【DUAL MODE THERMOMETER】 Forehead thermometer (suitable for all ages) and Ear thermometer function(for the age more than 3 months) - the easiest and most practical way to measure a temperature. 【CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE】 The deviation of temperature is ±0.2°C (±0.4°F). With 32 readings memory ..
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Model: APTH01
Features:1.LED digital display, Lightweight and portable for use. 2. Built-in laser pointer, precise non-contact infrared measurement. 3. 2 temperature units for conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius, long press "MODE" more than 3s. 4. Measurement modes selection for various needs conveniently. 5. B..
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Model: APTH021
  Feature  1.Specially designed for measuring the body temperature, with a dynamic offset for the ambient temperature and body temperature. 2.Exclusively using the infrared probe for temperature measurement, with a high accuracy of measurement, and a more stable performance. 3.Pr..
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Digital Temperature Instruments Thermometer Infrared Thermal Camera Imager Pyrometers Digital Temperature Instruments Thermometer Infrared Thermal Camera Imager Pyrometers
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Model: APTH06
This is an infrared thermal imager that combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. The traditional thermal imaging camera needs to measure each component one by one, while this instrument does not need to. Therefore, it helps to save users' time. Even th..
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Model: APFD06
Features:-- Pocket Fetal Doppler mainly applies to detect the fetal heartbeat rate from the twelfth week;-- LCD can display FHR accurately;-- Built-in rechargeable battery can work continuously more than 4 hours;-- LCD display FHR;-- Only 250g, can be carried conveniently with a gallus;-- Alarm func..
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